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The current price of life size adult TPE sex dolls ranges from 800 to about 3000 dollars, and with the development of the sex toy industry, people are becoming more and more accepting of sex dolls. For people who want to pursue high quality, best deals TPE sex dolls are a good choice. So how should we identify the good and bad sex dolls, the following test methods are provided to us by

Oil seepage test

Performance condition: after a period of storage natural oil seepage, decay, emitting a strong pungent smell.

Reason: raw materials are not qualified, the ratio of raw materials is not correct.

TPE will seep oil is a normal phenomenon, for example, after a month there will be oil seepage, but poor quality TPE materials will be stored in a very short period of time on the phenomenon of oil seepage, such as within an hour, and issued a strong pungent odor, then this time we need to pay attention to! For example, after a month of storage, the toys made of substandard TPE material will appear rotten.

Sex doll is a highly imitated real person erotic tools, it has the following characteristics. 

1. Now the realistic premium TPE sex doll has a very high simulation of the skin, the material is non-toxic and tasteless, tactile, and has a high degree of durability, the feel is almost the same as the real person. It also has the function of dustproof, easy to clean. Sex dolls have a lustrous and delicate skin tone, and feel closer to the real skin.

2. All the joints of the sex doll are movable, making it possible to change various positions you want, so you can have a more soothing experience during use. So how you want to fiddle with it, you can treat it as a sexy, charming, beautiful, considerate little lover.

3. Sex doll body temperature can be proposed to real people, with heating design, you can heating vagina, breasts and these parts of the heating to a similar temperature of 37 ℃, so that it is closer to the feeling of real people.

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